China Boards USCG Cutter - In Multinational Exercise

The Chinese Navy boarded a US Coast Guard cutter off the coast of Hawaii just this past week, but there's nothing to worry about - it's all part of the drill.

The Chinese sailors from the destroyer Haikou boarded the USCG cutter Waesche as part of a counter piracy exercise. Counter piracy is just one of the many exercises that take place during the Rim of the Pacific exercises hosted by the United States off the coast of Hawaii.

This is the first year that China has participated in these drills, and in addition to counter piracy they will also be involved in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance exercises. There are four Chinese ships and two helicopters participating.

Total, there are 22 nations and around 25,000 naval personnel that particpate in the numerous scenarios, which run from the end of June until August 1.