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To ensure you have the latest information on current eligibility standards, you will need to contact your local recruiter. While much of what you see below doesn't change much, the opportunities for getting a waiver for a disqualifying mark varies depending on what recruiting region you are in and the current state of the economy.

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Stolen email offers unvarnished view of military leaders

The current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, and the former uniformed leader of the Air Force were viewed as "great leaders but weak on strategic thinking," according to a Pentagon official detailed to the National Security Council.
25 weeks 6 days ago

Syria TV: Rebel shelling in Aleppo kills 7

At least seven people were killed, including three children, and several others wounded, as the death toll climbed in insurgent shelling of government-controlled western districts of Aleppo, state TV reported Sunday.
25 weeks 6 days ago

The US spent billions building roads in Afghanistan; now many of them are beyond repair

A report released Saturday by a U.S. government oversight body paints a grim picture of the state of Afghanistan's roads, including the roughly 10,000 miles that were constructed, paved, repaired or funded by the United States.
25 weeks 6 days ago

Powerful quake spares lives, but strikes at Italy's identity

The third powerful earthquake to hit Italy in two months spared human life Sunday but struck at the nation's identity, destroying a Benedictine cathedral, a medieval tower and other beloved landmarks that had survived the earlier jolts across a mountainous region of small historic towns.
25 weeks 6 days ago