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To ensure you have the latest information on current eligibility standards, you will need to contact your local recruiter. While much of what you see below doesn't change much, the opportunities for getting a waiver for a disqualifying mark varies depending on what recruiting region you are in and the current state of the economy.

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Police: Bowie State student fatally stabbed on Maryland college campus

Police say a Bowie State University student was fatally stabbed at the University of Maryland campus in what appears to be a random attack.
13 weeks 2 days ago

Stanley Greene, photographer of indelible moments of war, disaster has died

Stanley Greene, a onetime Black Panther who became a celebrated international photojournalist, portraying war, poverty and disaster in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq and the U.S. Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, died May 19.
13 weeks 2 days ago

Report: China cripples CIA operations, kills informants

The New York Times is reporting that the Chinese government "systematically dismantled" CIA spying operations in China starting in late 2010. The Times reports that the Chinese government killed or imprisoned at least a dozen CIA sources over the next two years.
13 weeks 2 days ago

Unruly, 'disheveled' man subdued on jet heading to Hawaii

A man on a Hawaii-bound flight described as unruly and disheveled was subdued by passengers and a flight attendant who used an airplane drink cart to block him from getting to the front of the jet. He was then immobilized with duct tape in a seat until the plane landed in Honolulu Friday, escorted on the last leg of its journey by two fighter jets.
13 weeks 2 days ago

Saudis welcome Trump with gold medal, receive arms package

The visit to the kingdom's capital kicked off Trump's first foreign trip as president, an ambitious, five-stop swing that will take him through the Middle East and into Europe. He is the only American president to make Saudi Arabia — or any Muslim-majority nation — his first overseas trip.
13 weeks 2 days ago

Naval Academy Class of 1967 reflects on time as midshipmen

The handsome young president told the midshipmen to stand at ease — none of them did. "Perhaps the plebes will. Did you explain that to them?" President John F. Kennedy joked to the Naval Academy leadership. "That comes later in the course."
13 weeks 2 days ago