Service-Wide PT Test Cancelled

After more than 2 years of testing, research, and development, Coast Guard officials have decided not to implement a service-wide fitness test.

According to this article, one of the primary reasons for the rejection of the standardized test would be that many smaller and more remote units have no way to implement a standardized test. Adm. Paul Zukunft used the example of the 87-foot patrol boats, "I don't know how many laps you'd have to run...They're not very friendly riding to begin with".

The proposed standardized fitness test included a 300-yard shuttle run, pull-ups, and a jump event. According to Adm. Zukunft, the Coast Guard will still continue with its mandatory Personal Fitness Plan, which requires service members to sign off on at least 180 minutes of exercise every week. In addition, many specific USCG units such as rescue swimmers, law enforcement, and other deployable units have their own specific PT tests, which will not be altered.